How to Audit Computers in Your Corporate Network?

An active development of technologies in the field of data transmission and integration of IT systems into business enterprises have started a new era of running a business. At times when you can earn even more through open opportunities, business owners are faced with the need to modernize the IT infrastructure. Sometimes in order to improve the corporate network, it is only necessary to purchase new equipment; in other cases, the network topology changes are needed. As practice shows, audit network is quite a complex procedure, which requires many to-do’s and takes a lot of time.

Technical audit of the corporate network by Softinventive Lab is its comprehensive verification with the issuance of an opinion on the quality of the IT infrastructure. The document contains detailed information on the parameters of the network and lists identified problems and bottlenecks where modernization is needed. It ends with specific recommendations for improving the quality of the corporate network. In order to perform a comprehensive computers audit, modern pc audit software and network auditing tools should be used. Otherwise, the analysis may be erroneous.

How the Network Audit Is Performed?

The business owner receives an objective assessment of the IT infrastructure state and can approach the issue of further investments more constructively. During the audit, it is possible to obtain answers to the following questions:

  •         Check computer equipment;
  •         Evaluate the actions of IT staff and other departments;
  •         Identify the causes of rising costs for traffic on the Internet;
  •         Detect network security problems;
  •         Test the bandwidth of corporate LAN.

With the audit, the work of the structured cabling system is checked, and the local network is inspected along with the active network and computer equipment. On the top of that, the following things are verified:

  •         The local network and computer workstations;
  •         Active network equipment (switches, routers, Wi-Fi access points, etc.);
  •         Software for network equipment and workstations;
  •         Peripherals.

Using the network inventory software, the correctness of the cable laying, the quality of the compression of the connectors, and the temperature in the server rooms are evaluated. At the same time, the auditors assess the activities of the full-time IT service for professionalism in their actions. The level of information security of servers and Wi-Fi network is monitored, and the topology of the corporate network is determined. Thus, by using network inventory tools, it is possible to obtain information about all machines and devices within one network thus assuring its stability.


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