Website Flipping 101 for Newbies

You’ve heard of house flipping but how much do you know about website flipping? Wait, that’s a thing? You bet it is and it can be a rather lucrative way of making money in much the same way moving properties can be useful in building one’s own wealth. In fact, the two are quite similar but instead of purchasing a home, refurbishing it to increase the value, and then reselling it for more than you paid, you’re doing it with websites online.

Investors will purchase a website that is already well-established and valuable, but then infuse some additional value of some kind to that website, and then put it back out on the market for someone else to purchase at a higher price than what they paid initially. Domain names have become a hot commodity as of late and the trend is only getting more popular, making it easier for part-time and full-time investors alike to get in on the action. Many people just like you are choosing to flip websites over investing in domain names outright because the numbers are far more sensible.

The Basics of Website Flipping

Sounds good so far? If the chance to make money flipping websites appeals to you, then you should get a better understanding of the basic components of succeeding in this type of venture.

Purchasing the Right Website

What does this entail, exactly? There’s quite a bit, actually. Finding the right website to buy is a lot tougher than you might expect and there are a variety of strategies that investors rely upon for making their selection. Some buy sites to generate revenue, others purchase a site that has a large fan base, and some investors seek out websites based on the popularity of the keyword niche in which it operates. The goal is to do a lot of research and there is more than a little speculation involved. You can learn more about how to select the right site to buy at websites like Prosperly, which offer newbies some valuable information and advice on getting into the world of website flipping.

Adding Value

This is vital. Otherwise you aren’t going to be able to resell the site for a higher price. Adding value is imperative and the way you do it is also going to have an impact on how much you are able to earn from resale. The two areas in which you can do this are typically based on increasing the amount of traffic that visits the website or making changes that can increase how much income can be generated from the site. Making improvements in either of these areas should yield a significant amount of profit.


Once you’ve done the renovations, now is the time to sell the website. You can typically do this at the same place where you purchased the website initially, that’s because the going market rate setting the prices for these sites should be about the same. This will result in an accurate determination of your website with the improvements factored in so you can receive the most profit from your work.

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